Phase 1

Explore Yourself

Define your rational career goals by exploring your potentials with TalentCareer™

Phase 2

Plan your Career

Plan your career by prioritizing your career goals and your own assets.

Phase 3

Develop Yourself

Develop yourself and eliminate gaps based on your career goals and get prepared for the next phase in your career.

Phase 4

Build your Personal Branding

Build your personal branding by highlighting your potentials, competencies and achievements

Smart Career Management with TalentCareer™

In our current World, we are witnessing more global crises faster and frequent than we can anticipate. Political, Economic, Technological, Biological, Hygienic, and Ecologic crises are game changers for all of us. This new state of world will challenge us on security, health, financial stability, sustainability as well as business models and careers.

The new world order will offer new state of career opportunities and we can use them for our advantages if and only if we can anticipate and get prepared today. It is inevitable that our careers will evolve into new ones which will demand new competencies from us. In the future we will have more competencies but among those, Learning to Learn and Resilience seem to be vital to adapt more changes to come in our life.

In this new state of world, we offer TalentCareer™ to support your career management procedures and help you to build your own personal career branding. It is essential to plan your career pathway up to your personal career branding. It gives you the much-needed direction and makes it clear there where you see yourself in future. It makes you aware of your strength and weaknesses and the skills and knowledge that are required to achieve your goals in future. Many businesses are looking for the trended candidate who is straight forward, well-rounded, and high in their competencies in this new world order.

"Dream ahead, think ahead, act ahead and focus on your career."

What is TalentCareer™?

TalentCareer™ is a scientific approach for a successful career management and personal branding. We understand that the complexity of career decisions is daunting and can have far-reaching consequences, therefore we assist by;
Increases personal awareness in career by exploring your interest areas, strengths and occupational orientation.
Presenting your career positioning based on your characteristics and current career trends and co-planning your career path to the necessary development areas
Guiding you to make the right choices for your career management and increases your life success.
TalentCareer™ is your career counselor to help you sustaining your career.

Who should take TalentCareer™?

University Students

Answers to be Enlightened by TalentCareer™?

TalentCareer™ will support you in the following areas for a better career planning & career management.

What are your strong competencies?
Did you discover your occupational tendencies?
What are your career alternatives?
What areas should you stay away from?
What do you need to be the best candidate for your dream job?
What are the likely career targets in alliance with your competencies?
How can you exploit your talents for a better career?
How should you shape your future career?
What is needed for you to develop to expertise?

How does TalentCareer™ Contribute to my Future Career?

By discovering yourself you will be able to make better career planning and management.
You will be able to explore your own career path options.
During your career journey, you will be able to develop yourself consciously.
You will be able to develop yourself by taking badge education aligned with your potentials and career goals.
You will enhance your future career opportunities that fit your potentials.
Orchestrated soft skill development program will support your career journey.